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Instruments Rental





Insurance deductible


27 $ per month

6 $ per month

100 $


35 $ per month

9 $ per month

135 $


69 $ per month

15 $ per month

200 $


Tous les contrats ont une durée de 3 mois renouvelable automatiquement. Les mois non entamés peuvent être remboursés.



Travel case for cello box:

  • $25 per week,
  • $37 for two week,
  • $67 per month,
  • $125 for two months.


Purchase Option

80% of the amount paid for the first three months rent is deductible from the purchase price of the leased instrument or that of any other instrument of the same type available at the time of purchase (applicable during the rental period only).

Reserving an Instrument

To rent an instrument at Schönau & Tardif Luthiers, you must have a Visa or MasterCard and present a photo ID (Driver's License or Quebec Health Insurance).

It is recommended to check the availability of instruments. Some preparation time may be needed.

You can book:

• online by filling in the rental form;

• by phone at (418)529-9071;

• in person at the workshop.

Rental territory

We rent and ship instruments throughout the province of Quebec. If your home does not allow you to meet with us directly, we will ship your instrument with pleasure. To make arrangements, please contact us by phone at (418) 529-9071.

Quality Standard

Choosing to rent or purchase your instrument at Schönau & Tardif Luthiers ensures you get the best quality at a fair price. We select each range of instruments with care from what is available internationally, guaranteeing excellence. Each instrument is adjusted and prepared by our team to meet the highest quality standards. Our instruments meet the requirements of teachers and are subject to our satisfaction guarantee.


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